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Vivid Belleza

Crystal Pendant Necklace

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The perfect accessory to bring you positive feminine divine energy ✹


Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace 

The stone of unconditional love. Nurtures self-love, and opens up the heart to healing and inner peace. It ensures any flow of love is truly healthy and happy.


Amethyst Crystal Necklace ♡

Cleansing ~ Protection ~ Inspiration

Calms the mind and spirit, a natural stress reliever that clears negative energy and brings you peace. 


Clear Quartz Necklace

"Master Healer" ~ Clarity ~ Calmness ~ Harmony

It's known as the master healer and amplifies energy and thought. It absorbs, stores and also releases energy. It's a great way to draw off negative energy of all kinds. Known to stimulate the immune system and brings balance to the body.


  • Measurement: 1.5" L * 0.4" W ,Shape: Hexagonal Pile
  • Chain Silver Plated Necklace 1.2 mm (18 Inches)