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aboutme.jpgVivid Belleza was started by me! VETZABE RIVERA, a mom, stepmother, wife, realtor, influencer, makeup lover and proud ass Puerto Rican! I have so many beautiful ladies that ask me every day what are my tips and tricks to doing simple makeup. I feel like there aren't many brands out there that give you simple product for every day use. I wanted to start the brand to help the mom that just wants to look put together to run errands, the teenager who is in a rush to get to class, that woman that just got asked out on a date, ayyyy! Just anybody who is playing in makeup and just doesn't want it to feel so overwhelming. We all know I am a proud latina, so it was also important to me to just be myself and add a little bit of me into everything. Belleza means beauty in spanish and is something I call my daughter every single day. Vivid Belleza will soon be full of your go-to, easy to use beauty products with some spice, or as we like to call.. SAZON added to it ;). It all started with the Brow Bag that comes with all your staple brow products to help create the perfect brows. You can throw it in your purse along with other makeup and bring it on the go. To have every single product you need in one place, to create the perfect brow sounded like a dream. I remember thinking why is there not something on the market where I can just buy it all together and be done instead of always buying my brow stuff separately?! URGHHWDHIH!! And BOOM. Brow Bags. We also now have so many amazing makeup products and we just recently added accessories & mami merch. I'm so excited for what's to come. I've put so much into this brand and can't wait to keep going and keep helping beautiful, strong women or men around the world feel confident in how they wear makeup! Makeup is something that's always been an escape for me. After I had my daughter I felt like I lost myself so much. Sitting down and getting some quiet time to glam myself up, that "me time" I needed helped sooo much. I want people around the world to know it's ok to treat yourself, and it's okay to not know every single thing about makeup. The beauty is what you make of it. There is no wrong way or right way to do it, but I sure do want it to feel a little easier. Wear that deep red lipstick or nude lip mamiiiii, rock that filled in brow. Do it how you want to. Be vivid, be confident. That is what I want my brand to give to you. Also, the packaging is really fun + cute so..... Hope you all love it! WE DESERVE IT!


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